Toy It Forward Toy Drive

The Positivity Pays Foundation, renowned for their commitment to celebrating positivity and promoting uplifting content, has partnered with the Cultivate Collective to continue giving back to the local community. The primary focus is to shine a spotlight on Island Space the only Caribbean museum in the world and the rich cultural elements associated with the holidays.

The collaborative effort aims to extend the spirit of giving beyond typical events. This charitable celebration, now known as Toy It Forward, will encompass a toy drive and a unique cultural experience. The organizers intend to create a family-friendly atmosphere with a diverse range of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. This event reflects the commitment of the Positivity Pays Foundation to invest their resources in contributing to the collective happiness of their neighbors and celebrate the unique cultural aspects associated with the holidays.

Toy It Forward Goals

  • Ignite curiosity and pride as we bring awareness to the world's only Caribbean museum to our community. Join us in discovering the rich history, vibrant traditions, and untold stories that make our culture uniquely extraordinary.
  • Indulge in a culinary adventure with our lightly catered affair, featuring an array of mouthwatering finger foods. Elevate your senses as you savor each bite in the company of friends and family.
  • Immerse children in the season's enchantment by gifting them not just toys, but providing memories and experiences that could last them a lifetime.
  • Take families on a captivating tour. Our event will be an immersive, entertaining experience that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impact.

Last Year's Success

  • 800 toys given away.
  • Kept the youth engaged with various fun activities.
  • Provided families with food.
  • Gave multiple families in need, cash assistance.
  • 300+ people attended the event

In the spirit of fostering positive change within our community, we urge you to join us in our Toy It Forward Toy Drive. Just as literacy forms the foundation of empowerment, your support in this initiative becomes the catalyst for creating a brighter future. Your contribution goes beyond the gift of toys; it becomes a powerful statement, a symbol of hope, and an investment in the potential of every child. With each donated toy, you are helping us build a community that rejects complacency, embraces creativity, and provides a platform for the voices of tomorrow. Together, we can weave narratives of joy, resilience, and possibility. Let's come together to make a lasting impact—one toy at a time. Join our cause, be part of the change, and let the spirit of giving transform lives. Thank you for considering this call to action; your support is the key to shaping a better tomorrow for our community.