10 Healthy Tips For The Pastor’s Wife

10 Healthy Tips For The Pastor’s Wife

Written By: Frankie Red

Living in a society that is constantly labeling, judging, and highly critical of woman— can make it quite challenging when walking in “her” shoes. Imagine having to battle stereotypes; fight for a voice; demand respect in a room; break a glass ceiling— it’s not easy being a woman and having to deal with all of our modern-day societal issues. Now add a layer to those challenges— imagine being a Pastor’s Wife, especially given our contemporary times. Having to balance family, faith, and extreme scrutiny— both from the congregation and the public eye. That’s why I highly recommend this book— because it gives you a First-hand perspective and experience of what it means to be a Pastor’s First Lady. 

When you pick up a book about a Church’s First Lady’s experience, what do you anticipate it will be about? What if I told you that beyond the ability to captivate its reader with sheer authenticity and candor, this book is also wrapped and written with 53 years of wisdom and experience. The author herself, has been a Pastor’s wife for over half of her life and truly understands the weight and the glory of ministry. Her life experiences over the span of 53 years— has afforded her many triumphs that were sometimes, birthed from turmoil. She has seen both the best and the worst of times throughout her journey. This book allows us to do just that— understand her life through her lens. 

Throughout your read, you will discover an autobiographical approach to the author’s storyline. Where of which she shared the momentous occasions of the birth of her children and life in the Pastor’s house. Those very children are now very successful adults leading lives in ministry, corporations, and education. Like many, we all face our ups and downs, but within these pages— there are detailed stories told that will make your heart swell with appreciation. 

Through her relatable approach through the text, the author has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and advice for those who are presently serving in the role of the Pastor’s wife. Sharing her knowledge, experiences, and healthy tips with other pastor’s wives— is something that brings joy to this author’s heart. Her desire to encourage and inform younger wives as well as continue to support those pastors’ wives who have served for a while in the role, is the very inspiration of this book. She is living proof of prayer, praise, and priority and these concepts lift right up from the pages in her book. The support, the spiritual guidance, and the special bond that she has given to and gained with her husband is expressed through the healthy tips unveiled through her book.

As a reader myself, I found the little nuggets offered in this book to be truly golden. Although it was written with thoughts for the pastor’s wife, it is not limited to “her” alone. This book also serves to help and encourage the aspiring Christian wife. Having a pocket guide of sweet reminders to the Godly woman on how to keep peace in her home are both beneficial and a blessing.

Purposely written to show the Godly woman how a Christian woman’s home should be and feel, this book is a must read for anyone looking for encouragement and support through their journey as Pastor or Christian Wives. This book provides a clear understanding of a virtuous woman and is prevalent in each tip given. The author does not just offer advice but she offers scripture references to support each tip. This book is biblically sound.

Adding this book to your collection is sure to be just what you need to keep a happy, healthy, and wholesome home with your partner in Christ. A place of solace for the busy pastor and his wife. You will be reminded of who you are and how important your role is as the wife chosen for the pastor. I encourage you to allow the pages to speak to your soul and read with an open heart. The messages are deeper than what meets the eye.