Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson is not just a recording artist and a powerful speaker, he is also a self-made social media professional. In early 2005 Absoloot began to promote himself online quickly growing his fan base. Absoloot’s popularity grew as he received over 3.1 million views and garnered over 50,000 fans on his social media channels. His early success was recognized by VIO Mobile as he was offered a ring tone deal with sales over 150,000 digital downloads in 35 different countries!

Absoloot’s list of musical accomplishments:

  • The Huffington Post featured the video for “99 Percent” as the theme song for the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”. The videos for “99 Percent” and “Watch Your Words received 1st place awards in monthly competitions for, an online production company. 
  • Invited To The Grammys.
  • Billboard award for songwriting.
  • Was selected by Hard Rock for Hard Rock Rising 2016 because of his positive music and large online following.
  • Performed as an international artist on a major holiday, at a major event in Haiti. 
  • Performed at Sunfest (one of Florida's largest music festivals) 2 years in a row.
  • Over 20 million plays on Soundcloud.

Absoloot has become a trail blazer for creating only positive Hip-Hop music. Focusing on solely creating positive music and images, Absoloot added to his repertoire, by creating an anti-bullying comic book entitled “Keep Dreaming.” Partnering with 99 Jamz, PMD Ministries, Complete Music and Video, and Life Sports Fitness. Absoloot was able to introduce the comic book into Broward county schools and municipalities. Once again raising the bar and within 4 month’s receiving over 15 million Sound Cloud streams on his last four singles he released.

Paying it forward has been instrumental in Absoloot’s success. He prides himself on making progress in the community his priority. This has led to various partnerships with many non-profit organizations and schools. With Absoloot’s outstanding image in the community and positive influence through music, mentoring, education and activism, he has been the the ideal fit for non-profit organizations such as:

  • Village Life
  • Urgent Inc.
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • YMCA
  • AVDA
  • The Westside Gazette
  • Ayiti Community Trust
  • PMD Ministries

For years he was constantly told, “Positive hip hop was wack and it would never sell.” One would expect this from your enemies but, even friends and family were apprehensive to support Absoloot’s mission. A very simple mission. To do what he felt was right. To know his lyrics were affecting his nephew and would eventually have an effect on his daughter. He decided he didn’t care what the naysayers had to say or how they felt. He would not allow his voice or any platform he utilized to put out ANY negative imagery or damaging stereotypes. His music would ONLY contain conscious or positive messages to help re-shape the narrative about black men in America.

His determination and persistence has most certainly paid off. Now, companies and nonprofits organizations are consistently reaching out and interested in working together. Given that, most companies want their company to be associated with a positivity and are eager to have him for speaking engagements, performances, mini workshops and mentoring. The age old saying just might be right.

“Paralyze resistance with persistence.”