Absoloot the Rapper Mogul Who's Standing Out

Positive Hip Hop Artist Absoloot Performing At Sunfest

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty, innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. -Malcolm X

So this begs the question what has the media and society done with this power?

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have most certainly heard the phrase “sex sells”. In the land of the free, there is no denying this old adage. As we are constantly bombarded with images of women dressed in a particular manner, to illicit certain thoughts to get consumers to go into their wallets. However, its been debated that, in general, negativity sells more than sex. Think about that for a moment. Why is it, during any political season, candidates focus far more on running negative ads about their opponent than they do specifically informing you why you should vote for them? Or why most of us would fall for obvious click bait, as opposed to clicking a positive headline?

Is this who we are, a bunch of fear addicts or is this who we’ve been conditioned to believe we are? Whether or not one can answer this question definitively, we’ve been sold on this idea and people are still buying it today. With that being said, if an idea can be “sold” to the masses, whether its true or not. Shouldn’t that idea, be one of hope, progress and inspiration? Shouldn’t it represent the best version of us?

Now you may not have heard of this one, like the infamous “sex sells” but, I think it can stand the test of time as well. “Positivity pays.” Yes, thats it. Positivity pays. You like it? I know I do, because its catchy and because its true. Rolls off the tongue pretty well and it completely changes the narrative for the better.

Even in this digital age, where substance is less preferred. Being a beacon of hope can still get your pockets filled with dead presidents. Just ask the guy doing it. Here are a few unique things on his resume.

Based on a song he wrote, he collaborated with State Representative Shevrin Jones to create a comic book that coincided with Anti-Bullying legislation. This comic is now being used as a tool to teach school children in Alabama and Florida about the dangers of bullying. He has also been invited to perform in Haiti in front of thousands on flag day (a national holiday) based upon a Haitian American environmental comic and work with a foundation where their first initiative is to get clean water to the residents of the area.

Never heard of him? Hmmmm. I wonder why not? Its an ‘Absoloot’ shame that you haven’t heard a song or seen the things hes done in the community. When hes making more moves and more money than some artists that are signed to major labels. His music and all the activities that surround it, are the only streams of income he uses to feed his family. Imagine this, making a good living doing what you love, helping people and not having to be a fake gangster or degrade women in the process. He made up in his mind several years ago, when he heard his nephew mimicking some negative rap lyrics (that happened to be his) that his music will not be weaponry for these corporations to push their agenda forward. The same agenda that has over saturated the air waves with the glorification of money, sex and drugs.

With his pure heart and unwavering desire to be the change he wants to see. He is on a collision course with the corporate elite. Those promoting the music he believes is poisoning our children. He is determined to use his platform to combat the constant onslaught of mindless music. By making music that uplifts and inspires. In addition to his ability to build with other like minded individuals in the community; he feels if status quo can be disrupted and/or changed, he is definitely the man for the job.

A job only designated for men who could care less about the fortune and fame. A job only designated those who are willing to sacrifice a lot, in order to change the game.