Morning Meditations

Morning Meditations

Written By: Frankie Red

When you think of a devotional, what comes to mind? A place to write daily affirmations? A place to write your goals and aspirations before God? A place for you to proclaim and manifest your prayers and wishes before God? Welp, what if i told you it’s just that….all in one! That’s why this book is a MUST READ! It not only has easy reads for daily inspiration, but interactive pages for you to dedicate time to God, every morning before you begin your day.

The best way to wake up in the mornings, is with the Word of God. This book was written to encourage the reader to spend intentional time with God, daily. Quality time with The Lord is priceless and very important. The author’s purpose in writing this book was to give the reader an easy but impactful read to start their day.

The four components in this book are Manna, Message, Motivation, and Meditation. The layout was strategically planned to give the reader a foundation for their day. Manna is the word; the Message is the brief encouragement piece; the Motivation is a one-liner take-away or fable of sorts; and the Meditation is a space to journal your thoughts you received from what you read that day.

This book is not only an easy read but in addition the daily devotionals are short and sweet. Just enough to get your day started but also to recognize that you have had some quality time with God. That is the sole focus and objective of this author’s book— to connect you closer to God. The author understands that it does not take all day to get what you need from the Word of God. The time spent on the daily devotions are not about quantity but quality. ​

The author wrote this book for individuals, with small group ministries in mind. The book is a great resource for study groups as well as individual study time. If the choice is to utilize this book as a resource for small groups, it will give you 30 weeks of tremendous discussions and empowerment. You can turn this 30 days into 30-weeks if you choose to do one day’s study per week. The Meditation section will allow each person in the small group to express their personal feelings, thoughts, and reflections. ​

Journaling can be therapeutic and the author wants the reader to enjoy writing their thoughts each day. Having a space to write down your reflections and the opportunity to revisit those thoughts will help you remain accountable. You will be able to keep yourself reminded of what is important to you and what your goals are as well as, keeping those goals ever before you. As you go back and look at what you have gained from your reading, hopefully it will propel you into a brighter and more successful future.

This book is a MUST ADD to your collection. It will help you get your daily devotional time and it will only take a few minutes to do it. You will read the Word, get a message that is relevant to the Word, and take-away a brief thought that you can meditate on all day. The choice to journal your thoughts during your morning or your evening is totally up to you. Trust and believe, you will enjoy your mornings better when you click here and add Morning Meditations to your morning routines.