Yung Wylin— Artist On The Rise: Making a Positive Impact with Positive Music

Yung Wylin— Artist On The Rise:  Making a Positive Impact with Positive Music

Written By: Frankie Red

Ever wonder why Hip-Hop has so much negativity and pushes topics such as violence, sex, drug abuse, guns, addiction, and battling with mental health? Now let’s switch the genre and its subject matter. Ever hear these types of topics with other genres of music? Consider Pop, Dance, Alternative, Country, and even Classic Rock music— does not embody any of these types of messages.

That’s why when there is an artist out there on the rise, who chooses the route of positive messaging over what sells mainstream, he or she stands out amongst the rest. There aren’t many artists out there doing it, but Yung Wylin is undoubtedly one of them and is trailblazing through his journey through music in hopes of impacting the world with this unique flow,  sound, and positive messaging.

Born on December 9th, 1998– Yung Wylin— birth name Isaiah Clark, was born in Chattanooga, TN, and relocated to South Florida in 2013. Since a young age, Yung Wylin has explored music from all different variations and genres. Drawing his music from Hip-Hop, RNB, & Country music as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. His music is tasteful, appropriate for all ages, and can be best described as uplifting; feel-good music.

There aren’t many artists who are able to connect with positive messages and create from an authentic place of invoking change. With Yung Wylin, what drives him is his ability to leave a positive impact in the world with his music. He’s dynamic, full of range, and someone to keep an eye out for as he is a star on the rise.

Whereas the world may be plastered with negativity and bad influences, Yungwylin believes that music is better digested when the message is positive. Uplifting and inspirational music allows for more love and unity to flow in our world and its artists and entertainers like Yungwylin who are the change agents for that mission and purpose.

It's so important to support and explore artists like these— that are making a positive impact in our society through their creative and artistic works. Especially when it comes to music. The mainstream agenda only seems to support a narrative that perpetuates failure and heartbreak— by condoning and spreading messages surrounding hate, crime, violence, sex, exploitation, prostitution, substance abuse, etc. Check out his music on Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, and Amazon Music. You will not be disappointed.