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Jerris “QUICKThePoet” Evans Host/Artist BIO/Resume


Jerris “QUICKthePoet” Evans is a professional poet, spoken word artist, host, motivational speaker, and multi-talented live entertainer that has positively taken the global poetry/spoken word/entertainment platform by storm!  By way his three (3) companies [“FLO’etry (FLO4Me) Entertainment, LLC”, “Quick2Love Foundation, Inc.” (501c3) & Moms Special Needs Services, LLC], the Fort Lauderdale, FL native has found a way to positively unite, express, & present entertainment in not only the art of poetry/spoken word, but in all entertainment genres in a new innovative & unique manner. 


QuickThePoet is the visionary, founder & host of one of the most historical poetry/spoken word showcases presented in S. FL history: “FLO’etry Sundays” (2012-17).  The event averaged 100-150 attending “FLO’natics” every 1st & 3rd Sunday (Over the stretch of 5.5 years & 11 different locations.  Most notably of the local venues FLO’etry Sundays called home was “Piano Hollywood” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  The extreme success opened the door for another local experience “The4thElement” (2017-2019).  Thanks to the combined growing success of those events, QuickThePoet was offered & accepted a dream come true opportunity to transform & elevate his local showcases onto one the most elevated “top 10” stages in the world, The Broward world famous Broward Center for the Performing Arts. 


QuickThePoet is the visionary, founder & host of the exclusive “MegaFLO’events.”  Five (5) very unique live entertainment event options for everyone.

*AnniFLO’etry [Winter:  poetry/spoken word] – January.

*FutureFLO’ristic [Youth arts/entertainment] – April.

*Quomedy [Comedy] – May.

*FLO’pocalypse [Summer:  poetry/spoken word] – July.

*FLO’theLoveOfMusic [Live Music] – October.


 QuickThePoet brings an energetic twist & delivery that makes it very clear why he is one of the most sought after up & coming multi-talented live entertainers globally abroad.  These are only a few of the many reasons that he is also an active member/affiliate of the prestigious Arts Access Program at the world-famous Broward Center for the Performing Arts!


Hailing from his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, FL, he is often referred to as a unique combination of two incredible live entertainment world entities:  A host with a “Kevin Hart” (comedic) energetic crowd interactive style, and poet/spoken word artist with a Tyrese (Gibson) interactive sensual and realistic expressive charm.  The Miami Times Newspaper Entertainment Editor/staff featured his poetic & family lifestyle & story on the front cover as a must love, support & see experience globally from South Florida (Miami Times Entertainment Edition: “Fort Lauderdale’s “Top Dawg” in the world of spoken word” December 25th, 2013).  With the addition of his signature can’t miss combination of fedora styling (He wears uniquely like no other - “just above a 45 degree tilt” on the corner of his head) & “L’sUp” hand gesture for the world (symbolizing his united belief that everyone should be “loyally motivated to positively living life itself to the fullest.”) – are just a few of the many reasons this young man is considered a walking can’t miss all around live entertaining & inspirational experience.  His balance of humility, confidence & global love are breathtaking nonetheless.


He has been professionally hosting since 2007 & counting.  He has been seen displaying his unique performance style & talents across U.S. & internationally abroad (Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, N/S Carolina, Washington D.C., Virginia, Baltimore, … the Bahamas & so on.).  The devoted husband and father of four little girls is dedicated to providing a great positive entertainment atmosphere always ready to deliver (what he refers to as) the “RIDE” to any and all genre that seek out his unique style for entertainment purposes. 


Looking for an enlightening & inspiring host/poetic entertainer for your event/celebration?  Looking for a unique & loving entity that combines real life aspects exuding a motivational push/pull of global peace?  Regardless of your event request [City/county/state events company/corporate event, motivational/inspirational speech presentation, wedding/anniversary/reception, grade/high school/college presentation/performance, work shop presentation, & so on), Jerris “QUICKthePoet” Evans is the without a doubt the right candidate to fulfill all of your live entertainment wants & needs.  He is a one-stop entertaining shop of a “RIDE” you don’t want to miss experiencing in life.  Prepare to do nothing less than positively “LIVE” your life to the fullest when you encounter & interact with Jerris “QUICKthePoet” Evans of FFEntLLC/Q2LFInc.



Booking/Contact Information:
Business Phone: (754) 224-9775


All Social Networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, & Twitter) search “quickthepoet.”


A few additional “life highlights” of the many QuickThePoet live entertainment accomplishments:

  • Founder/Owner of FLO’etry (FLO4Me) Entertainment, LLC (2012) & the Quick2Love Foundation, Inc. (Non-Profit Organization) (2015) – live entertainment production companies.
  • Founder/Owner of 4 Major poetry/spoken word live entertainment showcases.
  • Hosted the City of West Park 10-year Anniversary & Celebration (July 2015).
  • Hosted/performed/featured/presented in 100’s of different shows/events/venues, company/community events, weddings/anniversaries, etc.… nationally & internationally.
  • Numerous appearances on Hot105 [Jill Tracey’s “Hot Talk!”]
  • Annual Host of Nova Southeastern Annual Poetry & Arts Show (2014-2019).
  • Host of Blooming Rose, Inc.’s high school mega travelling show “SPEAKout!” & “WordPlay” national tour.
  • Official poetry/spoken word writing/performing “FLO4You!” workshops representative for the world-famous Broward Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Member of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts “Arts Access Program.”
  • & So Much More from QTP & FFEntLLC/Q2LFInc.


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