Dr. Davidson: Fear and Anger A Christian Comic Book For Kids

Dr. Davidson: Fear and Anger A Christian Comic Book For Kids

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Looking for new ways to inspire your children to enjoy scripture? This action-packed biblical based short story utilizing an innovative approach, by using a real life hero may be the answer. 

Dr. Marcus Davidson, the senior pastor at New Mount Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the perfect protagonist who utilizes a “superpower” that only a few have studied long enough to apply effectively to defeat any villains he may encounter. In one of his many therapy sessions, Dr. Davidson meets a young man, who has been intoxicated with the allure of social media and needs to speak with someone about his troubling behavior. This leads to an unexpected battle, that ultimately concludes with a life changing experience.

This comic book is an invaluable resource to teach kids about how to properly deal with any fear and anger they may be experiencing. Not only is this a relatable story, this book could serve as an amazing tool, given that there are a series of questions at the end, designed to engage the reader and act as conversation starter about the use of social media, bullying and anxiety.

If you or your kids like superhero stories, this one of a kind comic, is a great way to learn about common problems in everyday life with a gospel-centered approach. Here are a few reasons why this christian comic book for kids is an excellent purchase:

  • A concise teaching about fear and anger, coupled with the scripture(s) that correspond with how to manage these issues from a biblical perspective.
  • The questions at the end of the book help walk parents and teachers through a study of the topics the comic addresses.
  • The art is excellent and fun, displaying a well-told superhero action story that all kids can connect with.
  • It is wholesome material that you can let your kids read without worrying about any vulgar messages or imagery.
  • The hero in the story is solely based on an actual pastor and real life hero in South Florida. This type of unique acknowledgement is important for us to continue because it recognizes the amazing work of those that are working tirelessly to make a difference in our communities.