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Funding Financial Literacy - The Westside Gazette

Child prodigy set to release new children's novel series inspiring young readers to overcome challenges - Benzinga

AVDA Releases Comic Book Highlighting Healthy Teen Relationships - Boca Raton's Most Reliable News Source | Boca Raton's Most Reliable News Source (

Positivity Pays "Heroes" Cards Feature Library Director Kelvin Watson | Markets Insider (

Positivity Pays and The Big Three Alliance honors Attorney Ben Crump with a first-of-its-kind social activist trading card - Digital Journal 

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Youth Authors - We've helped several teens become published authors with the amazing organization Urgent Inc. Additionally, we've also guided 3 young brilliant writers one on one, to become published authors, click here for more information. 

Absoloot One Sheet - A summary of the amazing earlier work of our award-winning co-founder. Click this link to view it. 

Positivity Pays Info - A breakdown of some of our programming. I'm quite sure by now... you know the drill, click here so you can get more of info and let us know how you feel.