Legends Of Broward Trading Cards

Legends Of Broward Trading Cards

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This mini deck of 22 trading cards highlights the pioneers and trend setters from Broward County, the second largest county in the state of Florida. The deck has been utilized as a fun and educational way to play trivia games and family feud. Additionally, it will be the foundational component of lesson plans, designed to spotlight local black history, with the goal of having it integrated somehow into Broward County public schools.

The deck includes some historic people that have made a tremendous difference in our community. Coupled with, some courageous individuals that helped paved the way, for many of us today, such as:

  • The First Black Physician in Florida 
  • The First Male and Female Elected Officials in Broward
  • The First African American Elected To The Broward School Board 
  • America's First Black Mom
  • The First Black Surgeon and Co-Founder of The First Black Medical Facility in Florida

And not to be forgotten, there are athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and trailblazing educators, that are a part of this series as well. 

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