Staying Safe During Covid 19: Olivia's Handbook For Kids

Staying Safe During Covid 19: Olivia's Handbook For Kids

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During times of uncertainty, it's pretty normal for our youth to have questions. Staying Safe During Covid 19: Olivia's Handbook Fb or Kids, provides some of the answers for our inquisitive minded little ones, in a kid friendly, age appropriate way. 

This short, easy to read story from Olivia Robinson's perspective describes how everyone, including children, can stay safe and help fight against COVID-19. The book is filled with engaging illustrations and language to connect with young children on their level. Given that, it was written by an intelligent 8 year old, children of all ages will have absolutely no problem relating. :) 

This style and approach really assists young readers with comprehending the material. It was important to Olivia that other children learn the basics of what COVID-19 is, understand prevention recommendations and feel that their emotions (like being afraid) during these unprecedented times, are OK. 

With children in many cases, being away from their friends, their daily routines and possibly missing out on important milestones, such as, graduation and school award ceremonies. It was imperative that Olivia create a narrative for her peers about being informed, taking the appropriate precautions and through it all… smile. When children feel empowered and know they play an important role in ensuring the success of us all, they rise to the occasion, and oftentimes exceed our expectations. 

Written in a manner that will appeal to parents and children alike, Staying Safe During Covid 19: Olivia's Handbook For Kids, chronicles a day in the life of what a child feels during the chaos of a pandemic. Making it the perfect shared reading experience for families to enjoy during the health crisis.

Your purchase also comes with a set of 12 colored pencils.